Neck Pain Treatment


The reason is that the neck region contains much delicate, pain-sensitive structures commonly exposed to abuse and abnormal stresses. Incomplete rehabilitation of past injuries, poor posture, prolonged sitting, and lack of periodic spinal alignments are some of the more common factors in the development of neck problems. Fortunately, unlike prescription drugs, most chiropractic procedures address the cause of the majority of neck problems. Best of all, chiropractic care is safe, natural, and noninvasive. Many people have turned to us for neck pain treatment in Singapore.

Chronic Neck & Shoulder Pain - Light Chiroprctic

Benefits of Chiropractic Neck Pain Treatment

  • Increase range of motion in the neck
  • Release Muscle Tension
  • Improve circulation to your head

Some causes result from acute injuries which cannot be avoided, such as an automobile accident resulting in a whiplash-type injury.

Other causes can be avoided and result from the use of “bad” or improper habits and techniques, such as poor posture and improper lifting.

The most vulnerable area that causes issues everywhere is the Upper Cervical Spine. It has the most motion compared to any area of the spine therefore is the easiest to have problems.

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