Video Testimonials

"I have been suffering from numbness and tingling of both my hands for many years. I have went to many medical specialist, phyio’s, massage and none of them were able to help me. After visiting Light Chiropractic, I’m much better able to live my freely.”
-Adeline Wee

I have been getting adjustments for a long time in America. The adjustment that was delivered by Dr. Theo was the best adjustment I have ever gotten.  The adjustment held for long.  He also allowed a rest period between adjustments which allowed my body to settle in.  These visits have been Godsend.
- Yegyan

“This was an amazing experience. Other than just my mid back pain being gone but also I had a sore throat and I lost my voice on the morning before the visit. After the first adjustment it completely cleared my sore throat and my voice cleared!”
– Samantha Chew

“I haven’t been feeling myself for so long that I forgot how I should feel. Because Dr. Theo, I have a deeper understanding of my body and myself. A very empowering experience and I recommend anyone who wants to love life.”
– Jane Toh

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