Client Testimonial : Valerie Chan

Valerie shares her experience receiving Chiropractic Care.  If you are new to Chiropractic or curious, this video offers good insight on Chiropractic care.

Chiropractic is Life

Take care of your health so that you can create more
memories in your life. - Dr Theo Kieu

Posture : Space/Time

What does time and space have to do with Posture.  How we move through the space that we live in, work in, and play in reflects on our nervous system.  When an individual can create an amazing space inside themselves their lives begin to change.

Light Chiropractic for Pregnancy

The pregnant clients that we serve have noticed more flexibility, less pain, and more comfort.  When the pelvis is moving properly the likelihood of having breach birth reduces tremendously.  In fact since we have been in practice we have not had one breach baby!

Chiropractic Care For Kids

Chiropractic is still relatively new in Singapore when compared to countries in the west.  Because it is still new to the public, most people do not know that the people that benefit from receiving care the most are kids.  Kids spines are still developing and they have not accumulated the same amount of trauma as adults have.

Dr Theo Kieo : Chiropractor, Light Chiropractic.

Mind - Body - Spirit 


Let's hear it from out Clients. 

"The pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow."

"In the word illness there is an I, in the word wellness there is WE."

"The more effort you put in your health today the less you suffer in the future."

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