We offer the highest quality Chiropractic care in Singapore. Chiropractic is a natural and drug-free solution for things such as posture,  low back pain, neck pain and shoulder aches, headaches, insomnia, asthma and much more.  Chiropractors have been at the forefront of the wellness revolution with the simple message that healing comes from the inside out.  Chiropractic is a method of care used to enhance your body’s innate ability to heal. As we treat your nervous system, your whole body becomes more intelligently focused on functioning well.  Chiropractors have extensive knowledge of the nervous system and can handle a variety of neurological conditions.

Chiropractic Care in Singapore

Chiropractic is rapidly growing in Singapore and we are proud to serve in Singapore for over 10 years.  Today Chiropractic is the largest alternative health care provider in the world. At Light Chiropractic we wish to remind you what is right in you rather than what is wrong with you. Come visit us and become part of the health revolution that relies on the greatest doctor, your body. The models that we carry in our practice enhances the self-healing mechanisms in your body that is specific to Light Chiropractic.

Chiropractor at Raffles Place

Why Go To Light Chiropractic?

  • No X-Ray's which will save you hundreds of dollars
  • Our Chiropractor treats people on the first visit
  • Provide methods to accelerate healing compared to traditional Chiropractic therapies
  • The only upper cervical Chiropractor in Singapore
  • Our Chiropractor is American trained
  • We can treat children, adults, elderly and pregnant women
  • Children from the age of ≤ 12 up to 50% off!
  • Flexible care plans for everybody's needs
  • Specific methods that train your body to realign itself so you can learn to be your Chiropractor
  • No rushing, We take the necessary time to work on your body
  • Quality care that is precise and specific to your needs

We can help you feel better...

Headache Treatment in Singapore

Headaches and Migraines

Chiropractic doctors successfully help thousands of individuals’ every day obtain safe, effective, long-term relief from their headaches.

Pregnancy Chiropractic Care in Singapore


We are trained to work with women who are pregnant. Investing in the fertility and pregnancy wellness of women who are pregnant or trying to conceive is routine care for most chiropractors.

Offering Low Back Pain treatment in Singapore

Lower Back Pain

Eighty percent of people suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. Back pain is the second most common reason for visits to the doctor’s office, outnumbered only by upper-respiratory infections.

Becoming Centered

After receiving care, you will be amazed by how much more centered and connected than when you first came in.

Chiropractic reminds people many things they may have forgotten. The two most forgotten things that lead to suffering is the lack of self-love and self-care. We offer an environment for people to take care of themselves so they can move in the direction that they want in life.

Joyce Low Testimonial

Joyce shares her progress of receiving Chiropractic care before trying us. She talks a little bit about our the methods we use and how it helped her. We believe in working on the root of a human being to improve their lives from the inside out. Listen to Joyce as she shares her journey and most importantly the results of the care.

Meet Our Dr Theo D. Kieu

Being pain-free should not be enough, feeling great, inspired and alive should be what we all  strive for.

Our resident Chiropractor, Dr. Theo D. Kieu, D.C. has been serving people with Chiropractic care in Singapore since 2008. He continues to share his passion for the human body and life to the public every day.

Dr. Theo Kieu Chiropractor

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