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6 Useful Tips To Prevent Or Reduce Back Pain As You Grow Old

Chiropractor Singapore

Chiropractor Singapore

Dealing with back pain isn’t easy. It’s a lot of trouble, especially in your later years and it can even be permanent.

Preventing it, though not particularly easy, is a lot more manageable and simpler to do.

Below, you’ll find useful tips for back pain that you can follow to prevent, or at the very least minimise your risk for severe back pain.

1. Put your legs into it when lifting

If you’ve ever heard someone tell you to lift with your legs, not with your back, then you should listen. Lifting heavy stuff with improper form is one of the leading causes of back pain and issues.

When you’re lifting something, the best way to go about it is to bend your knees, tighten your core muscles, and keep your lifted object as close to your body as possible. Put the pressure on your legs when lifting, not on your back.

It might be better if you did in-depth research and read up on both proper and safe, as well as improper and unsafe lifting techniques. Learn from the actual demonstrations on how to make sure that your back is not as strained when you’re lifting.

2. Get regular exercise

Your body should get at least 30 minutes of exercise each day, or at least, throughout most of the week.

Get your body moving, your blood pumping and your sweat dripping to keep your spine and the rest of your body healthy. Also, because it keeps you slim and fit, regular exercise helps reduce the strain of excess weight on your back.

3. Go see an expert regularly

Ideally, you should go visit your physician and a chiropractor in Singapore to check your back’s health. Even if you have no problems yet, you can always benefit from preventative measures. This is especially true with seeing chiropractors.

Even if your back doesn’t have issues yet, you can still get neck pain treatment in Singapore to deal with a stiff or sore neck. You can also get your spine aligned regularly to minimise your chances of having to deal with back pain.

4. Lose weight

The more you weigh, the more strain your body puts on your back.

So, why not try to lose weight? Amongst having a healthier back, the benefits of keeping an active and fit lifestyle, and eating healthily regularly, there are many good reasons to try and ensure that your weight is within a healthy range.

5. Practice good posture

Stand up straight, and don’t slouch. That might sound like something easy to do, but a lot of people fail to do so every day. The result? Back, shoulder, and neck pain.

Making sure that you sit or stand in a balanced, neutral position can minimise the strain added to your spine.

6. Get rest

If you don’t give your body the chance to rest sufficiently, there’s no point in getting back, shoulder, or neck pain treatment in Singapore from your chiropractor regularly.

Sleep is the best recovery method readily available, and you can do it for free!

Invest in a good mattress and make your bedroom as conducive for sleeping as possible. The better the quality of your sleep is, the healthier your back, and your overall body will be.

Everybody goes through the occasional back pain. However, following these six tips will ensure that you won’t have to deal with it more than usual. Not to mention, these tips will help keep you in tip-top shape as well!