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The health model that has been reinforced in our culture has been telling people what is wrong with them; at Light Chiropractic we wish to remind you what is right in you. Disease is simply an absence of health. Chances of disease will drop dramatically when your body is intelligent. Come visit us and become part of the health evolution that relies on the greatest doctor, your body.

Chiropractic History


D.D. Palmer


Through a profound and simple observation he noticed two people who were sitting next to each other, one sick and the other healthy. He asked himself,”Why isn’t the first guy sick also? What is the real cause of disease?”

Palmer theorized that decreased nerve flow might be the cause of disease, and that misplaced spinal vertebrae might cause pressure on the nerves. Thus, he reasoned, if the spinal column were correctly positioned, the body would be healthy. He then studied a lot of Eastern philosophy and TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine) concepts to look at the body holistically instead of mechanically. As a result, in 1895, he initiated chiropractic methods in Iowa. Shortly after his discovery, he started his own school.

The concept that the body can be its own doctor shook the medical community. Because of that Chiropractors were repeatedly thrown in jail and had to defend their beliefs.

D.D. Palmer’s student and son, B.J. Palmer, assumed control of the Palmer School in 1906, and promoted professionalism and formal training in chiropractic, expanding enrolment to a peak of above 1,000 students in the early 1920s.


B.J. Palmer


B.J. Palmer traveled extensively in the East to further his understanding about the laws of nature. His love
for science and his love for philosophy helped him develop a model of health that is based on the laws of nature. Concepts such as Above Down Inside Out which basically means healing comes from inside out was promoted by BJ Palmer in his time.

The whole battle of man versus medicine finally ended in the 1950s and Chiropractors were given the right to practice. Today Chiropractic is the preferred method of treatment for all sorts of musculo-skeletal and neurological conditions in north America.

Chiropractic has become a unique profession because there is a science, philosophy and art. The art is in the hands and skill of an individual, the philosophy talks about how powerful the body is, and the science explains us the natural mechanisms of healing inside the body. All of them equally important and should never be forgotten by any Chiropractor. The Chiropractors job is to make your body the doctor. This method is meant to empower individuals. Chiropractic for BJ was never about treating problems, it was always about embracing LIFE.

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