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Best Back Pain Doctors in Singapore for 2020

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Dr. Theo D. Kieu

Our Dr. Kieu has been a licensed chiropractor since 2008, placing a greater focus on non-invasive healing of back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, asthma, insomnia, and carpal tunnel syndrome. The latter addressed through soft tissue work and mechanical adjustments of joints. He has been recognized as offering the best chiropractic care in Singapore through a comprehensive approach towards healing that promotes wellness from within, without the need for drugs or X-rays.

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Dr. Yeo Sow Nam

Perhaps the most well-known pain doctor in Singapore, Dr. Nam is the president of the Pain Specialist in Mt. Elizabeth Hospital and the World of Institute of Pain. He offers a variety of services for addressing pain throughout the body, including back pain, neck pain, post-operative pain, and cancer-related pain and discomfort through the use of state-of-the-art medical equipment and technologies.

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Dr. Matthew Tung

Specializing in the treatment of athletes, Dr. Matthew Tung runs the Bone Clinic and provides relief of back pain, neck pain, brain tumors, and osteoporosis, along with other types of treatments. He understands that physical activity is important to his clients and works with each patient to restore the body to full motion through rehabilitation and non-surgical treatment options.

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Dr. Choo Chee Yong

Dr. Yong's main areas of expertise are pain medication and anaesthesiology. He approaches the eradication of pain through the use of epidural injections, caudal injections, neurolytic and facet joint blocks, radiofrequency therapies and other treatment options to manage discomfort.

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Dr. Bernard Lee

Dr. Lee's clinic uses advanced medical technologies to provide a wealth of effective pain management procedures related to the rehabilitation of muscles, pharmacotherapy, minimally-invasive surgical procedures, and other methods of pain management. He has received a variety of accolades for his work.

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Dr. Kevin Yip Man Hing

Focusing his areas of expertise in the elimination of pain in the back, the neck, elbow, and ankle, Dr. Hing's practice places a greater emphasis on the surgical to deal with these types of pain. He is highly-skilled in knee and shoulder surgery, treating joint arthritis, and the rehabilitation of the muscles to rid the body of the pain and discomfort that makes it difficult to move freely and live a normal life.