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Neck pain can be a Real pain in the neck!

By Dr. Theo D Kieu | June 24, 2016

Many Singaporeans complain of tightness in their neck and shoulders and it has become a growing pandemic around the world. Doctors...

Is lower back pain normal?

By Dr. Theo D Kieu | June 21, 2016

Many Singaporeans experience low back pain, with studies suggesting that more than 80% of people will experience low back pain...

Improve your Posture

By Dr. Theo D Kieu | October 22, 2015

Posture affects your health on many levels. The brain uses the spinal cord as a getaway of communication that controls...

Tension Headaches

By Dr. Theo D Kieu | May 8, 2015

In tensions headaches, some cranial muscles (anterior, aponeurosis and posterior occipitofrontalis) and/or some neck muscles (trapezius and/or levator scapulae) are...

Chiropracatic and weight loss

By Dr. Theo D Kieu | May 8, 2015

LOSING WEIGHT AND CHIROPRACTIC? What is the link? It seems as none. Who has never thought : <I am too...

Sport & Chiropractic

By Dr. Theo D Kieu | May 8, 2015

Today, everyone knows that exercising is a part of a healthy life. For some people, exercising is a real duty,...