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Chiropracatic and weight loss


What is the link? It seems as none.

Who has never thought : <I am too fat!> or <I should lose some kilos!> or <I’ve eaten so much!> or worse, < I hate my body, I hate myself> ? Everybody has, at least once for the luckiest, had this thought crossing his mind, right? Today, not only women pay attention to their body but men as well. Being svelte or fit is advocated almost everywhere, in TV, in magazines… Sometimes, it could put a lot of pressure on us, to be as slim as the superstars, for some of us, we can even become obsessed with food and our body. Life could become a real nightmare. The thing is that we have only one body, ours, and we are stuck with it, so why don’t we work with our body, to feel as good as possible in our body?

If we examine choices that we have when we finally have decided to lose weight, it exists mainly:

  • Diets
  • Slimming institute and creams
  • Esthetic surgeries

Diets are so numerous and they were even followed as new fashion when some celebrities were following them. Losing weight is a good business. I am not here to detail all the diets that exist but just to enumerate some of them, we have the DUKAN diet, weight watchers, hyperproteined diet, hypocaloric diet, cretan diet, Atkins diet, Paleolithic diet, vegetalian diet, Miami diet, chrononutrition diet, glycemic Index diet… and more! Now, there are so many that we can be so confused.

To be short, principle is quite the same for a diet, you have rules for food that you can eat or not, some are more or less specific on aliments that we are allowed to eat, others are more or less detailed on the quantity of food that we are allowed to eat, others are more or less specific on the time that we are allowed to eat… And we notice now, tendency is not on diet anymore but about learning how to eat better every day. Some diets are more or less dangerous, that’s why, it is often recommended to be assisted by a professional health care people because deficiencies could occur very quickly.

Eventually, these diets are more or less restrictive and hard to follow everyday, all the time. Then, what about the results? Scientific studies show today that for sure, at first, when we start a diet we lose weight, more or less, according to how we succeed to follow the chosen diet. Nevertheless, after a diet, results do not last. We gain back all our kilos and worse, we gain more kilos than at the beginning!

Then, be careful not to fall in a dangerous spiral or vicious circle of following diets on diets, with now the yoyo effect. Be careful not to become obsessed with the control of our food and body! Be careful not to become depressed! Be careful not to be able anymore to face our own face and body! Be careful not to make us now even more sick, by becoming bulimic or anorexic!

Scientists do not really explain why we gain back and even more our lost kilos. To me, this is very simple. We first lose weight because we restrict our food, our calories, with some simple maths, we can easily understand that we lose weight. To go beyond that, why then with time, do we gain our kilos and more back?

Sometimes, it is just too hard to follow a diet, so we give up and we go back to our bad habits or even worse because we miss so much food now! For other people, even though they follow more or less their diet, they gain weight whatever the little food they ingest. Answer is very easy. You have restricted yourself and controlled so much your food following a diet, and not your body needs. When your body is hungry, it asks for food, for nutrients because it needs them to function. But what do you do? You don’t eat! You don’t give to your body what it needs. You mistreat and disrespect your body. Then, you train your body to feel like on famine time every day. Now that your body has understood that, each time you eat, even though a small portion of food, it will be stored as fat in your body. Your body will feel that it needs to have more reserves of energy, more reserves of fat! Your body is afraid not to have energy when it will need it, it will save whatever it could because you are not willing to nourish it when it is hungry. Why do you treat yourself in that way? Why do you inflict that to yourself?

I am sorry to destroy all your dreams of finding a miracle solution to your weight problem. But there is not. You can’t cheat on life or life will give it back to you. Don’t cheat on your body.

Now, let me ask. When do you eat? Is that because this is your lunch time or because you are on diet or because you were told it is time to eat? Do you eat because you feel depressed? Sad? You miss love and affection?

When was the last time you have eaten because you have felt that you were hungry, or starving? Our body is just so smart! It tells us everything! When we need to eat, and when we must stop eating. Do you know for sure how to recognize these 2 signals of your body: hunger and satiety? Respect your body, your body will give it back to you. Beyond the fact of losing weight, it is now about reconnecting ourself with our body. It is about feeling good in our body.

I will have a few words concerning the slimming institute, creams and surgeries. They are all more or less efficient, more or less invasive for the body, with different technics for each institute, or different active process for creams, but they imply a lot of time and money and strictness as well. Results are present after some times, and they stop when you stop the treatments. Why? Because we did not go straight to the cause! Of course, it could be helpful if you already have changed your alignment habits and that you still have time and money to spend, because you might be very perfectionist with your body.

For surgeries as liposuction, abdominal plastic surgery… of course, results are here after a very invasive, non natural and radical method, after suffering, recovering time and healing time! But again, if you have already got rid of the cause, then why not? Your choice. But if not, you know that kilos and fat will be back again. This is just a matter of time. Again, what is all that for? Why did you impose that?


Let’s be back to the link between losing weight and chiropractic.

First of all, let’s have a short and simple explanation on hunger mechanism. The hypothalamus, one of our brain area, is the control center of hunger. As soon as there is a decreasing of the glycemia, hypothalamus is informed thanks to hormone system through the blood system. In this way, it can create the feeling of being hungry for us to eat and to bring enough energy for our body. When we start to eat, taste, smell and texture of food are already sensory messages for the hypothalamus for us to feel satiety. Besides, when food comes into the stomach, it becomes bigger and bigger which stimulates other hormones to inform hypothalamus that we are eating. It will reinforce the feeling of satiety. In a few words, hunger is influenced by our environment and alimentary habits, our hormones and blood system, our hypothalamus and nervous system and disease.

Secondly, we are so conditioned not to feel anymore, because we are so polluted by our bad habits, it is hard now, to feel connected to our needs, our feelings, our body. It is hard just to be sure of this sensation to be hungry, this sensation that it is the signal for us to eat. Let’s get rid of our stresses of our life that avoid us to be just yourself.

By being adjusted, we correct the misalignment’s on the spine. It takes off the interferences on the spine and the nervous system so your nervous system can have a better expression, a better control of your hormone system and organs.

Chiropractic can help you to be closer to your senses by clearing your nervous system from all these pollutions that we are subjected to everyday.  It allows your body function as it should, to help you reconnect with the inside of you, to be able to feel again and to trust your feelings.

If your body function better, you will feel better. If you get your nervous system cleaned from pollutions, you will be less stressed, more connected to the inside of you, you will make better decision for yourself. This is not just about losing weight, this is about having a better life!