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Chiropractor Reveals the ART of Chiropractic

agility in chiropractic

If any of you have been to more than one Chiropractor and have had experiences that were better than others, this article will cover the WHY.  If you have never been to any Chiropractor and you are deciding on which one to find, then please read this before you make a decision.

Chiropractors deliver treatment through their hands and call it, an adjustment.  Like different martial arts or different cuisines in the world, there are different types of Chiropractic techniques.  Within the different Chiropractic techniques, there are different levels of skill, precision, and mastery.  If the Chiropractic work is more manually oriented meaning they work with their hands and move different parts of the spine, then the mastery varies even greater.  Unlike the field of medicine which has removed the human element, Chiropractic distinctly can’t live without it because the work IS touch oriented.

Here is an overview of the critical criteria required to deliver a perfect Chiropractic Adjustment in which we will cover in more depth:

  1. Good spatial awareness within their own body
  2. Good knowledge of biomechanics and how to detect how individuals’ bodies move
  3. The Chiropractors heart and hands must work together
  4. The Chiropractor must be flexible enough in the wrist and shoulders to access different angles
  5. Tools or analysis that they use to detect a misalignment/subluxation

What does good spatial awareness in the body mean?

Most schools do not cover joint and body position because schools emphasize on science more than the art.  How a Chiropractor moves their bodies with the patient or client can make a difference between having an easy segment or not at all.  I am not a very big guy, and I don’t consider myself incredibly strong, so I had to learn ways to develop leverage and comfort when learning how to adjust people’s spines allowing someone like me to adjust people up to 3 times larger than me.  A Chiropractor must be comfortable in their skin and body to create ease with the person they are treating.  The adjustment is more of a dance than treatment in this regard.

What about biomechanics?

Spatial awareness has to do with biomechanics within the Chiropractor.  When most Chiropractors use the word biomechanics, they are referring to how patients body moves within the context of a single joint and multiple joints working together.  Having a good understanding of how a patient’s body moves and wants to move will dictate how to position them in the best way to deliver an adjustment.  The human body varies in size, tissue density, and flexibility amongst individuals which makes learning how to adjust well in a book impossible.  The only way a Chiropractor can deliver a perfect adjustment is if they have worked on enough people from different sizes, race, and even countries.  A well-trained Chiropractor would have a good foundation, but the distinction that makes them excellent is their years of experience and their ability to detect and notice the little differences between person to person.  An extreme talent can get to mastery within five years of seeing a lot of people, but most will take 10-20 years of focused attention on adjusting.

What does it mean to work with the heart and hands?

When I am talking about heart, I am talking about the more metaphorical one.  The spirit that we call LOVE.  It is something we cannot measure in science, but most have experienced.  Love is what inspires doctors and healers be something greater than themselves before they choose their profession.  Numerous studies in medicine show when a patient is feeling loved their capacity to be healed increases. The fabric that holds us together as a race depends on how well we care for one another.  Doctors used to get such varied result in medicine that eventually pharmaceutical companies started to remove the human element of treatments and even medical school to get consistent results to sell their drugs.  This is partially a good thing but mostly a bad thing.  The good part of it is they can create more reliable baseline treatments.  The bad is, it limits the likelihood of miracles happening and both sucks power away from the doctor and the patient.  The power vacuum goes to the people that run hospitals and pharmaceuticals which not involved with patient care.  Most of the time the people in power’s primary goal is to make the maximum profit to please their shareholders.  I could write an entire book on this if I had the time.  In full circle, the intention is a significant piece of a Chiropractic adjustment.  All you have to do is get adjusted by a master adjustor or go to a country like Japan and eat some sushi from a chef that has perfected the craft for 30 years.

What do you mean by flexible wrist and shoulders?

If you are a baseball fan, you’d know when a pitcher has flexible wrist and shoulders they can throw faster and have the ball move in abnormal directions when throwing the ball.  The neck region and especially the low back are dynamic, so someone flexible will have an advantage in adjusting.

What are some tools Chiropractors use to analyze subluxation?

This area is the only area where something like science plays a dominant role in, although if the analyzation has to do with touch and feel then, it starts to become more art.  The science part of the analysis are X-Rays, Thermography, EMG, and in some practices like mine MRI.  In touch and feel, the Chiropractor is feeling for muscle tone and tissue density along with motion in the joint.  At the beginning of my career, I relied on more science, and as I gained experience, touch began to be more valuable.