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How to Find a Chiropractor Who Treats Disc Conditions

Many people in Singapore suffer from a slipped disc in their spine, be it from sports, incorrect form when exercising or an old injury that occurred during their 2 years in National Service. Patients who want to take a conservative and non-invasive approach to treat their back and leg pain should seek the services of a chiropractor. We generally offer diagnosis and treatment using non-invasive techniques.

The extensive chiropractic training we received in America has allowed us to specifically address different issues with slip discs by adjusting the lumbar spine and disc using manual side posture adjustments. These methods are designed to treat herniated protrusion and prolapsed discs, without the need to perform an invasive surgery.

A herniated disc can be either symptomatic or asymptomatic. What this means is that herniated discs can sometimes cause little or no pain. However, it is also possible for it to also be excruciatingly painful. When a disc becomes herniated or bulges out of alignment, it quickly begins degenerating as it receives inadequate amounts of fluid and nutrients and discards low amounts of waste. Chiropractic treatment, in this case, is designed to reverse the degenerative process by restoring disc health, via specific exercises and dietary supplements.

Slip Disc and Herniated Disc Treatment Singapore

Disc herniation is simply a defensive mechanism by your body, which is triggered by spinal misalignment. When your vertebrae is misaligned, it impinges on the spinal cord and the nerves. In situations where your body detects a severe impingement that it hinders the communication of signals through your entire body, the disc will inflame or “slip” to stop you from moving and misaligning your vertebra further. This defensive mechanism results in slip discs but in reality is working to protect your spine from further damage. If you lose your nerve supply entirely, you could end up losing the ability to walk or even digest your meals! Chiropractic care can resolve this problem preemptively and save you a lot of money on drugs and surgery.

Chiropractors view the human body as a whole, interconnected body, rather than a collection of different parts. Even when treating issues affecting specific parts of the body, such as herniated or ruptured discs, chiropractors will take into account its effects on the rest of the body and treat it accordingly. Rather than focusing on a single symptom or area of the body, chiropractors will take into account the larger picture.

Chiropractors in Singapore consider stress when evaluating your health. Nutrition and lifestyle are factors considered by chiropractors, primarily as they relate to pain and inflammation within your body. Physical conditioning, stress management, and improved nutrition will be touched on by your chiropractor once acute pain and inflammation has been resolved. When discs are out of alignment in the lumbar spine, even the lower limbs can be affected. Manual adjustment techniques is the most effective way to restore movement and nutrition back to the disc.