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Headaches & Migraines – Is there a difference and why do i get them?

Headaches are any pain or aches that people feel in their head (duh!). These can be mild to severe and can last seconds to weeks. The most common causes are improper blood flow and nerve irritation. Headaches are very common and are heavily linked to stress and emotional distress. Everyone knows somebody who has had a headache when they have lots of work to do, study too hard or were having problems affecting their lives. This is especially prevalent in developed cities where the demands and levels of competition are high, like here in Singapore!


Woman having a headache

Woman having a headache









Are there different types of Headaches?


Migraines are a type of headache but the cause of them can be linked to hormone changes, certain foods, increased in stress, nerve irritation and even changes in the brain! Migraines have two types, one is where people feel a warning that they will get a migraine (this is called aura) and the other is without warning. People with migraines usually experience severe pain on one side of the head, nausea, sensitivity to sound or light and pain behind the eyes. Migraines are the bodies way of trying to warn you and protect you, as it believes the triggers will harm you.

Tension/Cervicogenic headaches

These are headaches which are directly linked to the nerves in the neck being pinched. The nerves send painful impulses to the head, neck and shoulder. In an act of love and protection, your brain then tenses up your muscles to protect those irritated nerves; this is similar to holding your fingers after knocking them into something hard. These types of headaches are usually near the temples, forehead, along the neck or in the shoulders. The pain is the way of body warning us that something is wrong and prompting us to change is, ultimately improving our health.


How can Light Chiropractic help?

Migraines and headaches have been proven through research to have improved outcomes when treated with Chiropractic care, and at Light Chiropractic this is something that is seen very regularly. Usually this is due to subluxations in the neck, irritating the nerves. Once these subluxations are removed the body can heal naturally. Once the body has healed the clients are able to return to normal activities. After the headaches are gone, clients continue regular adjustments to prevent further headaches and achieve greater health and wellness, beyond the pain that originally brought them into the clinic. Clients who want to achieve better health and commit their mind-set to this will achieve results much faster, even having clients with over 20 years headaches becoming free of them after only a few weeks!


Headache or Migraine