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Chiropractor Singapore

At Light Chiropractic we enhance your body’s innate ability to heal by allowing it to intelligently focus on functioning at its best allowing you to feel well.

We offer the best quality chiropractor care in Singapore.

Dr. Kieu is an experienced and highly skilled Chiropractor will get you out of pain quicker saving you time and number of visits you need to get out of pain.

Start feeling better today with a natural drug-free solution for lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder aches, headaches, insomnia, asthma, and more. Many local chiropractor have been at the forefront of the wellness revolution with the simple message that healing comes from the inside out.

Located at Raffles Place, in the center of Singapore's busy Central Business District, our clinic is accessible for locals and expats alike!

Our Singapore Chiropractor Services Help:

  • Lower Back Pain
  • Sciatica
  • Headaches and Migraines
  • Numbness / Tingling
  • Slipped Disc
  • Disc Degeneration
  • Pregnancy / Prenatal Care
  • Poor Posture
  • Chiropractic for Children
  • Scoliosis
  • Neck Pain
  • Pelvic Pain
  • Insomnia
  • Arthritis
  • Spondylosis
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

People say we're the best Singapore Chiropractors because

  • No X-Rays lowers costs significantly.
  • We treat people on the first visit, for no extra price.
  • Offering Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care since 2008
  • Accelerate healing beyond traditional therapies. 
  • More than a decade of experience
  • Treat kids, adults, elderly and pregnant women.
  • Children 12 and under up to 50% off!
  • Our Chiropractor is American qualified.
  • Flexible care plans for everyone, at all price points.
  • No rushing, We take the time to work on your body.
  • Warm, spacious, and classy environment created for your comfort

Joyce Low reviews on our chiropractic services: 

Joyce shares the trouble she had finding the right type of care before coming to us. Watch her inspiring journey from pain to a good quality of life thanks to effective scoliosis treatment therapy.

We believe in helping a person to improve their life from the inside out. Joyce is just one of many who have found better health through our chiropractic care.

Why is Light Chiropractic so expensive?

Actually, it's the other way around.  Seeing an expert will save you more money and most importantly time.  The faster you feel better the more you can go on with your life.  Chiropractic is very much an ART, which makes the level of skill, expertise, and experience drastically different. Some Chiropractor's try to mix modalities in their practice, like physiotherapy.

Rubbing muscles and putting them on a machine does not take as much skill and can be taught within a few minutes to a single weekend.  There is value to these things but in the case of dealing with chronic pain, it's not useful.  Specific exercises can all be searched on Google and Youtube so paying someone $100++ isn't a good value.

People see Chiropractor's because they have hundreds to thousands of hours of practice adjusting the spine. Just like people see a dentist to have their teeth worked on, NOT to have them to brush it. The nervous system is very intricate, so seeing someone with adequate experience is imperative. Paying someone that works explicitly on Chiropractic technique is like going to a sushi master in Japan over a Japanese chef that works in a chain restaurant that serves 200 different dishes.  Chiropractor's with a singular purpose and intent will give you a better experience.  How many Michelin star restaurants serve both Chinese and French cuisine?

Top Singapore Chiropractor Dr. Theo D. Kieu

"Being pain-free should not be enough. Feeling great, inspired and alive should be what we all strive for."

Our resident chiropractor, Dr. Theo D. Kieu, D.C. has been serving people with chiropractic care in Singapore since 2008. He continues to share his passion for the human body and living healthy to the public every day.

Best Chiropractor Singapore - Dr Theo

Becoming Centered Through Chiropractic Care

After receiving our chiropractic care, you will be amazed by how much more centered and connected you feel than when you first arrived.

Chiropractic reminds people of many things they may have forgotten. The two most forgotten things that lead to suffering is the lack of self-love and self-care. An aching body is the cost of neglecting our own well-being. We offer an environment for people to take care of themselves so they can move in the direction that they want in life.

Read more about our chiropractic mission to provide well-being through a more aligned lifestyle, and take a look around our clinic, located in the centre of Raffles Place, Singapore’s busiest district.

find the right chiropractor

If Chiropractors are Not Recognized in Singapore, How do I find the Right One?

Even if a Chiropractor were recognized in Singapore, it would not matter. At best if there were a Chiropractic board, you would be able to check to see if the Chiropractor has any complaints or if they are licensed. If the intention is to find a good Chiropractor, looking upon a government-appointed website does not help. Instead of checking for the amount of experience and looking for testimonials is the best thing. We have an article on how to find a good Chiropractor if you want to read on this topic.

What Can a Chiropractor Do for Me?

It depends on what kind of practice they have. Some are really into nutrition; some teach meditation like me. Getting people out of pain from the head to the lower back and sacrum is the baseline of what most chiropractors work on. There is a myriad of different types of Chiropractors that focus on specific things like pregnancy, pediatrics, low back, and disc problems. In my opinion, a good Chiropractor has the experience to see a wide variety of people with many conditions. A component of Chiropractic is the art aspect, which makes the skill level from Chiropractor to Chiropractor, day and night.

what can a chiropractor do

What can a Chiropractor Not do?

A good Chiropractor would claim to do nothing because of Chiropractors turn on the bodies mechanisms which allow more significant function. Some Chiropractors try to limit what they can do, and they try to define what other Chiropractors cannot do. I don't believe this to be fair. I don't claim to treat anything but through the years of practice, people with ear infections, asthma, heart palpitations, high blood pressure have improved with Chiropractic care.

On several occasions, patients have told me they changed their mind with suicide when coming to see me. I always give the body the credit through the intelligent Internal mechanisms that exist Inside us all. But by no means do I ever limit the power of human touch and caring for your patients. Placebo effect or not, what matters is getting people well. Call me a romantic or nonscientific, but I never limit the power of love and intention. It doesn't mean I believe people do not need medicine or treatment if they have a disease. I do think, however, when seeing any doctor, competence, good intention matters, and should not be overlooked.

good chiropractor in singapore

How do I find a good Chiropractor in Singapore?

That's a very personal question, and if you ask me, I will go to me because I have a lot of experience and I used to teach people how to adjust the spine. However, I may not be the right Chiropractor for everyone. Since we deal with touch, finding the right Chiropractor can be very personal, and humans are very complicated. For example, people rarely choose their friends using a rational mind. Some people only want Christian friends even if a person who is Muslim may be a fabulous person who feeds 20,000 women and children every day. l am not saying that is wrong. I am just making a point that we are a complicated race, and people make choices based on Illogical thinking.

Choosing a Chiropractor is the same thing. I believe I am the first Chiropractor anyone should see but at the same time, I know people make choices based on logical and illogical preferences from a referral from a friend to gender and race. My general advice in Singapore is you should see a Chiropractor willing to treat you with or without X-Rays. If they are confident in their ability, then imaging should not be a primary factor in caring for you. When needed, I prefer to shoot MRI's over X-Rays because they offer more information.  MRI shows the health of the disc, muscles, ligaments, bones and even tumors while X-Rays only show the bone.  However, in a year, I only ask people to shoot and MRI less than a handful of times.

What is Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care?

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care focuses explicitly on the first two bones In the neck C1 (Atlas) and C2 (Axis). It is a known fact that these first two bones are the most important in the spine. This is universally understood within the Chiropractic community and the Medical community. Between all the vertebra there isn't any other area that has more nerve activity than the Upper Cervical region. The Atlas (C1) is the gateway between the brain and the body. All of the information from your brain to your body passes through this bone, and all of the data from the body to the brain go through the Atlas. The brain is continually getting feedback from the body to regulate standard daily functions such as digestion, immune system, hormonal system, and even the external environment to name a few.

upper cervical chiropractic care

Does Light Chiropractic Offer Full Spine Treatment?

Yes, we do. The Chiropractic care that we offer is comprehensive, and our Doctor has more than a decade of learning from the best Chiropractors in the world. Furthermore, Doctor Theo has created a unique Chiropractic technique.

How Much Does Experience Count When Choosing a Chiropractor in Singapore?

There are no Chiropractic schools in Singapore, and the closest place is Australia. America is where Chiropractic was invented and is the place in the world that has the best seminars outside of school to take. Most of the Chiropractors that I know who are good learned most of their skills from the best Chiropractors in America. These Chiropractors that run popular seminars, have had a highly successful practice, so the likelihood that they would teach in a Chiropractic school is low. Teaching in schools would result in lower pay, and if they traveled to various Chiropractic schools, they would be able to touch more students. The best Chiropractors learn from retired Chiropractors that want to give back to the Chiropractic profession. It's not a fair metric but it's reasonable to assume that an American Chiropractor as a higher likelihood to be an excellent Chiropractor.

choose a chiropractor in singapore
chiropractic school

Two of the best schools in technique, seminar density and variety would be Life Chiropractic College West and Life University. However, it's very possible that some Chiropractic students travel to various places in America to learn from the best seminars and in rare situations even an Australian Chiropractor traveling to America to learn. Most of the big practices in Singapore tend to hire fresh graduates, so it is essential to check to see how many years the Chiropractor has been practicing. Learning from the best Chiropractors saves a Chiropractor 5 to 10 years of experience plus it gives a Chiropractor a solid foundation to improve every year they practice. A Chiropractor with a bad foundation and 10 years of practice would not be as good as a Chiropractor with 5 years experience with the best mentors.

How Much Does Physical Fitness and Age Have to Do With Chiropractic Care?

Delivering Chiropractic care is extremely physical. A Chiropractor that is not physically fit can provide a good adjustment, but throughout many adjustments over several weeks to months to years can wear out the body. Seeing a Chiropractor that takes care of their bodies and their minds is extremely important. Age can be a factor unless physical fitness is there. Most successful Chiropractors like my mentor retired after 20 years because he realized he wants to make a bigger impact in the world by teaching. Because of his efforts, he's helped deliver millions of Chiropractic adjustments through the influence of his students.

What's The Difference Between A Chiropractor and a Physiotherapist?

Most people see Chiropractor’s and Physiotherapist for similar conditions, but for the layman, the difference can be confusing. Chiropractor’s master the ability to adjust the spine or some call it spinal manipulation. Physio's can adjust the spine, but it's not a core part of their programs, a Chiropractor has hundreds of hours in school compared to a physio that has only tens of hours. In short Chiropractor’s are usually more adept at treating chronic conditions better while physio’s shine in treating acute injuries and rehabilitation. In my opinion, Chiropractor and Physio do not compete, and both professions can offer great value. Here’s a list of situations where one profession will have an advantage over the other:



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Low back Pain

Slipped disc


Repetitive Stress Injury from sports

Frozen Shoulder

Shoulder Aches

Rehabilitation following fracture

Stroke Recovery

Neck Pain


Knee Pain

Neurological Conditions

Muscle Tightness at the arms and legs

Low Back Tightness



Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in chiropractic care but would like to know more? Get all the answers prior to your treatment. Here are some of the most common questions about visiting a chiropractor. Because chiropractic care can help both treat symptoms and prevent them before they develop, visiting a chiropractor is one of the best way to improve overall well-being. So in case you have any concerns, doubts, or hesitations please read these first so you can feel rest assured seeing a chiropractor is the right choice for you.