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Light Chiropractic Review On Spinal Decompression


Spinal decompression therapy is a non-surgical treatment for chronic disc pain and spinal disc injuries. It involves a machine that works by using gentle force to lengthen and pump your spine’s vertebral disc and decrease the pressure on the spinal nerve. This helps to relieve the compression and speeds up your body’s natural healing process. Each treatment is customised to target the individual’s troubled spots. The use of advanced sensor technology can continuously measure and monitor the force and patient-resistance.

Who can benefit from spinal decompression therapy?

Anyone who suffers from neck or back pain that is caused in part or in whole by a damaged disc. These conditions include protruding, herniated or bulging discs, sciatica pain, spinal stenosis and slipped disc with degenerative disc disease.

The benefits of Spinal Decompression therapy can be good but the minute you are walking around and functioning in your daily routine, gravity is compressing the spine and negating the therapy that has been done.

What’s the alternative?

Our stance is that an inversion table and swimming offer to be a much better alternative at a lower cost.

Inversion therapy involves inverting a person so their feet are above their head, reducing and reversing the effect of gravity on their body. By decompressing the spine, the body can be relieved of symptoms and various forms of neck and back pain such as reducing the intensity of muscle spasms in the back. The therapeutic benefits include minimising nerve pressure, realigning weight bearing skeleton, re-hydrating discs, and rejuvenating the joint flexibility for improved range of movement. It will also help to ease the pressure on weight-bearing joints and enable them to rest.

An inversion table enables a person to hang securely and mimics the standing position, only upside down, with their back resting on the bed. When the body is held this way, it might stretch the spine that is a similar way to a massage, physical manipulation of the spine, and muscle-strengthening techniques. Using inversion equipment daily may help improve the overall health of the spine and reduce pressure on the surrounding muscles. Ultimately, this could lead to more comfortable movements for a more flexible body.

At the same time, swimming can relieve the pressure on the joints and spine, while exercising the muscles in the back. Being a low-impact aerobic workout, swimming offers a non-weight bearing environment that supports the exercise of these muscles and ease the stress on all the joints in the body as well as increase the range of motion. The hydrostatic pressure of water encourages healthy blood flow to the small and large muscle groups in the back.

Additionally, you will benefit from the gentle resistance and buoyancy of the water. It can support the weight of your body, thus reducing stress on your joints and spine to allow for greater range of motion. However, as with any exercises, it is good to discuss with your doctor or physical therapist on the position and movement of various strokes that will address your pain.

In conclusion, the inversion table can be purchased at a price range of $200 and be used daily at home. In combination with the benefits of swimming for the lower back, it will provide great improvements to your overall health.