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Risks of Chiropractic Care

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Many treatments for pain come with risks. You can find inherent risks in taking a pain medication or undergoing surgery to relieve a painful condition. But while there are also risks with chiropractic, these risks are far less hazardous or potentially damaging when adjustments are provided by an experienced, licensed chiropractic practitioner.

The chiropractor will typically assess the condition of the patient before providing treatment, to ensure that they are a good candidate for this form of care. However, certain issues might preclude a chiropractic professional from administering adjustments to a patient. These usually involve some type of weakness or softness in the bone.
There are also some minor side effects to chiropractic care which may be experienced by a patient. In most situations, you may feel some light soreness but nothing more severe than you might expect after a good long workout at your local gym. This discomfort will eventually subside in a short period of time, bringing about long-term benefits for your muscles and joints.