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Sport & Chiropractic

Today, everyone knows that exercising is a part of a healthy life. For some people, exercising is a real duty, for others this is a total enjoyment and for some others this is a passion, a career, a high level competition.

Benefits of exercising are not to prove anymore. Lots of studies demonstrate that exercising regularly helps to improve health: cardiovascular system and tension, chronic diseases, osteoporosis, some cancers, diabetes type 2, cholesterol…

It helps for our well being, for our shape and physical conditions. Practicing an activity is a motor for people to increase their self esteem and to feel more connected to their body. Besides, when we practice sport in a club or in an association or with a team, it enables people to share something all together, with friends, colleagues, a team, which tend to develop social relationship and to educate people to respect and tolerance.

I am willing to focus on the stress of sport on the body, more particularly on people that practice sport in non professional or in high level and in competition and that are concerned to improve their performances and that would be annoyed if they have to stop practicing because of sport injuries.

Indeed, when we practice sport on a certain level, people can train every day, for at least 4 hours, sometimes even more! I let you imagine the physical and mental stress on the body!

When, we are exercising, our body, our brain and our muscles need more energy, need more oxygen, need more blood. Exercising is a big stress for the body, all attention is on muscles need and our brain. Muscles because we need them to exercise and brain because we have to focus our attention on sport, we have to coordinate our movements, we have to localize every each part of our body compared to the environment to be at our best of our performances, and to preserve ourselves from a possible sport injury as a fracture, a sprain, a trauma, we have to thing about a strategy…

Even though we perceive sport like leisure, a game or a competition, the body perceives it like a potential danger. The other functions of the body are on waiting. Heart will work more, increasing his beats and his strength of beats to send more blood, heart rate and tension will increase as well to respond to the body needs. Our respiratory frequency increase, our bronchus, alveolus and lungs open themselves more to receive more air, and more oxygen. Diaphragm and accessories breathing muscles work now at their maximum to allow more air coming into the lungs.

Yes, after exercising, especially when we are not use to or when we go over our limits, we can feel cramps or sore muscles because of an insufficiency in oxygen in muscles. This is a stress for the body that is usually benin for the body, in particular when we train regularly, because our body will develop and maintain a strong heart and blood system, our body will develop muscles as well to be more and more able to respond in a better way to the body needs and to eliminate toxins and stress in the best way. Besides, the body will develop a balance and coordination of the body, bone density as well to be more and more efficient and resistant to trauma and pressure on bones. Our body will become naturally stronger.

All athletes and high level competitors remember how hard they train everyday to go to their level, how they become better and better until they are the best. And even though they are the best, they still want to be better than the best. It is on their genes, their blood. But sometimes, we push ourself very hard and we attain a limit.

Of course, when we play at that level or intend to play at that level, we have an appropriated diet for our discipline. Besides, a medical staff is here to check our health all the time. However, we know that every year, physical efforts cause sudden death on thousands sportsperson in excellent health. So, athletes do need a particular follow up.

Then if you already have a perfect nutrition, a hard training every day and a specific medical follow up, how can you help yourself to improve your performances with chiropractic?

Of course, one of the biggest fears of sports people is sport injuries as tendinitis, fatigue fractures, fractures because of a trauma, torn muscles, sprains… they occur because of a fatigue muscles and repetitive stresses on bones, tendons because our body does not have time to recover enough. They occur because of an inefficient proprioception. Proprioception is how our brain can analyze and localize every each part of our body in the space compared to our body and how our brain can localize our body compared to the environment, the field, the ball… Propioceptors are located in the main joints and they are very numerous in the upper cervical. The cerebellum is involved in the coordination of movements. So we can understand that the fact to correct the misalignments on our spine can increase proprioception and a better recovery of our body. No need to remind you that the nervous system controls everything in the body, right?

Now, imagine that you can control better your body, that you can feel better your body, that  have a better perception of your body, that you can coordinate better your movements, that you have a better recovery of your body… Not only you will improve your performances but you’ll also prevent injuries.

One other thing that could limit an athlete is the fear of the objective, the fear of failure, the fear of not being the best for some reasons. But yet, if we completely trust our body and know exactly what we are able to do because we are perfectly aware of our body and movements, because our body is not busy with other stresses, or toxins in our body, it will be even more able to focus on the performances, muscles, movements.

Besides, by being adjusted, we become more and more sensitive to our body, and this is even easier for a sport people, we become more connected to our body, we become more connected to the inside of us and more connected to our heart.

Eventually, we are here to remind to people to focus on what he loves the most and what makes him happy: his sport. To practice with the heart make the greatest people! Don’t let you disturb and paralyze by your fears. Yes, sometimes, we are so stressed that we forget about the most important thing.

To conclude, I just want to quote some very famous and successful athletes who have chosen chiropractic to improve their performances. If we want to be the best, better to listen to the best, right?

This is the case for Tiger Woods (golf), Michael Jordan (basket ball), Lance Armstrong (cycling), Arnold Schwarzenneger (body building), Ivan Lendl (tennis), Evander Holyfield (boxer), Dan O’ Brian (decathlon), Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Morten Andersen (American football), Barry Bonds, Joe Morga, John Smoltz (baseball), Shelley Cramer (Olympic swimmer)… And more!