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What is Subluxation and is it a bad thing?

Subluxation is a word used almost exclusively by Chiropractors. For many it’s the go to word to describe what’s going on in a client’s body, but is it useful? Is subluxation really a new and accurate diagnosis? How does it affect you?

What is a subluxation?

When broken down the word means:

“Sub (short of)

Luxation (dislocation)”

This means a movement of the bone short of a dislocation. Imagine it like a brick wall where one brick isn’t in line with all the others, it’s still part of the wall but has partially moved. When the brick is out of place it can affect the structural integrity of the wall and also affect anything near the wall.

This is similar to how a subluxation is described in the body; a segment of the spine is misaligned. This affects the integrity of the spine and the things around it, however in the case of the spine the things around it are the nerves and muscles. If the nerves are irritated by the subluxation then this can cause symptoms, such as pain, numbness, tingling, weakness and stiffness.











This has been a fundamental part of Chiropractic since its inception and many Chiropractors focus their practice on this model.

“Chiropractic aims to separate itself from medical care in its approach to health care, focusing on how to help clients achieve greater health”


While there are paradigm shifts occurring in parts of the medical field there is still a model of ‘sick care’ rather than health care. The emphasis is on what is wrong and treating it rather than what is right and accentuating it, as well as more strives to prevent illness. Medicine needs labels for its treatment to ensure that it is treating the correct condition. Medication and surgery must be aimed specifically at certain ailments.


Please understand this isn’t a slight at the medical system, if I get into a major accident the first person I will want to see will be a medical doctor. I advise clients that for certain conditions medicine will be more useful and I have actively worked in allegiance with medical doctors, dentists and physiotherapists; as integration between professions is in the best interest of the public. Medicine has been a vital component of human development and without it we would not have come as far as a species. Yet there needs to be more change to prevent problems than to treat them.


Pandemics such as heart disease and diabetes are largely preventable diseases, as are the majority of our infirmities. Treating conditions is certainly more profitable (there’s no money in the cure), but if we want to have conviction in what we do we should want the public to need assistance in their health as little as possible. Personally I’d rather have clients see me less and be more pro-active in their health than to see them more often.


So how does this relate to subluxation?

Subluxation is a finding in the body where the nerves are irritated and affecting your function and quality of life, but subluxation should not be the bogey man to fear but should be seen as a way your body has adapted to keep you healthier.

“The pain may be an uncomfortable consequence, but it’s an ingenious method your body uses to warn you that something isn’t right and to prevent you from movements or posture that could worsen the situation”

A fire alarm produces an annoying sound but the warning it provides can be vital to survival. It is more important to prevent or deal with the fire and its cause rather than to stand around trying to name it.


Chiropractic is an approach to health care that intends to allow clients bodies to work better and express themselves as well as possible. It is more important to focus on what can be done and how to get healthier rather than dwelling on the label it carries. The label won’t change but YOU can.

“The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease” – Thomas A. Edison

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