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Truth Limits Nature

The world is a vast frontier of possibilities

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As I grow older, travel around the world, and talk to others from all walks of life, I begin to respect the vastness of worlds converging within me. Meeting so many people from different walks of life from medical doctors in different countries, Chiropractors from various parts of America, Europe, and Asia, Lawyers from all over the world, people from multiple religions, housewives from all different social classes to grandfathers and grandmothers. One of the things that I find most intriguing is how different everybody's worldview is, and often these worldviews contain elements of convicted belief systems; this is prevalent in the most educated people.

A scientifically minded person would say with conviction that faith-based healing is utterly absurd. The religious person would believe in absolutes that something like evolution does not exist, and somehow people and life stays the same no matter what. Some Chiropractors will feel that their method of technique is absolutely the best one in the world. Medical doctors will believe that medicine is THE most essential part of a person's life.

Sociologists will believe that culture and people are the essential components of the human experience. A homemaker will believe that raising kids is the most important thing. (Ironically the housewife is probably the most correct) A business person would think to make money is the most important thing, and the list can keep going. Primarily we live in a society where individual success is the highest thing a person can achieve in their lives.

Within this entire whirlwind of human consciousness, I am beginning to see more and more that everyone is correct, and no one is wrong.

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However, what I believe a way to sniff out a person in disillusion is when a person becomes too engrossed of their views to the point that they begin to look down on other views or completely disregards evidence from the other side. This line of thought is THE most destructive thing that is plaguing humanity and infecting the human mind from evolving. A famous Zen Master said, "all views are wrong views," this means never have a fixed view on anything. This statement alone is ironically very scientific by nature, and few scientists practice this idea. When one has a fixed view on anything, their minds are unable to discover the depth.

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Furthermore, just because you have overwhelming evidence, does not mean there may be more evidence in the future that may disprove all other prior evidence to be false. Moving over from Newtonian physics and evolving to Quantum Physics is an example of this. Mostly Quantum Physics is still not fully understood, and it has been around for over 100 years. It is entirely plausible that there is an even deeper level that exceeds Quantum Mechanics. Mostly chemistry, biology, and medical science are based on Newtonian physics. Without Quantum theory, the internet would not be possible, at least to the degree that we have it today.

The research applied with quantum mechanics would take up too much time and money to make things cost-effective because of nature's exponential possibilities would be too high.

Taken this into account, anyone that is intellectually and consciously aware, using words like TRUTH and FACTS, is overused and abused. For this reason, it would be wise to be apprehensive when anyone uses those two words. Unfortunately, that greatest minds of today do tend to speak in absolutes because, most of the time, there are financial interests involved. For a scientist to get funding for their research, they must deliver some illusion of TRUTH or Absolute. The very nature of attempting to get a result skews the data. In double-blind studies, the limitation is the researcher has some interest in the delivery of the data. For this reason, triple-blind studies tend to get better results; however, they usually cost too much and is rarely practiced. In triple-blind studies, the person that is collecting the data has no idea what they are researching on, then to be done honestly, that data must pass to another person that will write a paper on that data NOT knowing as well.


All that can ever happen will happen. For this reason, individuals must discover truth individually. No matter what kind of research you do on Chiropractic does not matter because, ultimately, you will have to find the individual Chiropractor that can help you. Since we work with people's bodies and your body is a piece of art, the variables are incredibly high. The variables are dependent on you, the Chiropractor, and your interaction with the Chiropractor. The Chiropractic adjustment is such a specialized skill that maybe only 10% of Chiropractors have a high level of ability, but even then, there is only one Lebron James and Kobe Bryant's in the world. The good news is I am well aware of these factors and give the most honest fair opinions on various topics.


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