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What Does a Chiropractor Do?

what do chiropractic do

Chiropractic is a treatment system that helps to relieve pain for many different parts of the body. This type of discipline for healing places a greater emphasis on avoiding surgery and reducing the amount of medications prescribed for the sufferer as a means for pain relief.

Some of the most common target areas that can benefit greatly from chiropractic treatments are the joints, bones, and muscles of the body. This may also bring relief to the ligaments and tendons for a variety of issues.

How it Works

Chiropractors have one primary focus when working with a patient to bring natural healing and relief. They believe that a body in proper alignment can be healed more effectively without alternative treatments. That is not to suggest that traditional medical treatments are not also utilized, but chiropractic is focused mainly on ensuring that the spine of the body is well-aligned.
A typical chiropractic treatment session incorporates a hands-on approach to the adjustment of the musculoskeletal structure of the body. The intended result can increase and restore previously limited levels of mobility in the joints due to tissue injury or damage caused by sudden trauma or repetitive movements by or actions within the body that promote undue strain in the spinal column and other areas of the body.

How Chiropractic Helps

Chiropractic care can be a solution to a litany of issues that bring about varying degrees of pain and discomfort throughout the body. It is an ideal antidote to the symptoms of acute back pain, headaches, and localized discomfort in the shoulders, knees, and wrists or elbows.

Simply put, anyone suffering any type of pain or discomfort can seek out effective, long-lasting relief through chiropractic care.

Treatments begin with an assessment of the root cause of the symptoms. Your chiropractor will explore the entire musculoskeletal structure of your body, checking that all your joints, muscles, and connective tissue are functioning correctly.

Based on the information gleaned from that examination along with any diagnoses performed by a primary care physician, your chiropractor will then devise a treatment regimen designed to target the cause of the problem. This might include any combination of options such as soft-tissue therapies in which any tension in the muscles or connective tissue is relieved, realignment of the joints so as to increase their mobility, and joint support which is achieved through the use of a brace or bandaging.In some instances, an exercise program may be introduced into the treatment where the patient is given a series of stretching and movement exercises designed to increase joint mobility and motion. Lifestyle changes may also be called for where diet and life habits are analyzed.

Some of the most common medical issues that are often solved through chiropractic are headaches, foot pain, and back and shoulder discomfort. The causes can be many, headaches are typically triggered due to tension in the jaw and other muscle tension in the head and neck. Chiropractors can target these tense areas and relieve the strain that is causing the headache.

Foot conditions are also relieved through massage and alleviation of tension in muscles and joints. In certain cases, the patient may be walking in a slouched or unbalanced manner as a result of an issue with the knees and lower back. That can also make it difficult to walk due to pain in the feet. Movement and mobility are also two of the main contributors to relieving shoulder pain, especially near the neck and shoulder blades.

The painful symptoms associated with medical conditions such as fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, and assorted joint and muscle disorders can also be relieved through chiropractic care since massage and adjustments are the main components of these types of treatments.