Why Chiropractors become targets to conventional medicine

Even though there is no reason, some doctors dislike Chiropractors

Chiropractic and Medicine have a combative history when Chiropractic it first spawned in America in 1895.  The philosophical ideas seem to contrast each other.  Chiropractors believe in an organized universe, and the medical model embraces Murphy’s law.  Murphy’s law is based on the construct of “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.”  On some levels, I would say studying in America a massive bulk of my education was based on Murphy’s law.  The Chiropractic school I went to had to cover everything that can go wrong to mandate us a right to serve the public.  In essence, the vast bulk of our education is medicalized or mechanistic.  As a student, I knew I had to quickly find the correct mentors that taught me about all the things that could go right in life.  The life supports you idea is where Chiropractors shine and at the same time to the detriment of our profession, our education puts us in a position to become significant targets for the medical community at large.

On the notion of an organized universe through quantum physics, Chiropractic at the time of its inception was more philosophical and considered a pseudo-science.  Many people were getting better, but the medical community was claiming it was strictly a placebo.  Quantum theory was spawned in 1803 but gained attention in 1905 when Albert Einstein brought up his theory of relativity.  Relativity considers that the observer (a person) is partly responsible for the result(placebo). In 1916 it was officially published and by the 1920s the scientific community slowly starting accepting it.  However, biology and chemistry were far behind because these sciences are on a macro level.  For example, the speed of light is known to us now, but we still haven’t built a car or plane to go that fast.  There is no fuel source of energy capable of allowing us to travel that fast and even then, travelling at high speeds will tear anything apart that we can build.  Chiropractic initially rode hopes that the theories that will develop in quantum physics will prove the Chiropractic central idea that is intelligence in life and matter that is supportive to life, this is when the accusations of Chiropractic being a pseudo-science rang true based on what science understood that the time.  Quantum field theory, string theory, unified field theory is still being studied and people like Albert Einstein and today Michio Kaku have been trying to solve the equation that ties us to the universe.(Something can be many things at the same time).  Today Chiropractic in a hard place because of our lack of understanding of reality. Despite my success in the thousands of case studies that I have in my practice, it won’t be widely accepted by those that want linear parameters.  Until we understand to what extent the observer effect plays in our lives, things like Chiropractic and positive psychology are just considered a concept rather than a reliable source of well-being in an individual.  The good news is physicist are finding strong evidence in the last decade that the universe is interconnected and there is higher order to what humans see as chaos through their eyes.

Quantum theory, Medical science, Chiropractic science, biology, and biochemistry will be at the mercy of the infancy of our understanding of life.  Every year more people are dying of cancer, bacterium and virus seem to mutate faster than we can make medicine, and things like autism seem to be on the rise, and medical science doesn’t know why because there is so little we understand about the nature of the universe.

Now that we have some background and history, here are 6 reasons Chiropractors can be hated:

1. Attacks on Medical Community

As retaliation to attacks on Chiropractic, Chiropractor’s spend their time attacking the medical community, such as “VACCINES ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR AUTISM.”  Personally I can say I do not know if they are or not and I have very little interest in my life to know at this point to investigate.  I do not have the means of finding such evidence other than the internet which has many opinions.  I would rather spend my resources building something meaningful for the world.
Some doctors such as Orthopedics may feel threatened that the public is going to us first for spine related problems.  In Singapore, most individuals that go Orthopedics first, but that number will decrease because Chiropractic will continue to popularize.  As popularity in Singapore increases for Chiropractors, orthopedics, and even physiotherapist may feel threatened.  At the end of the day the public wins when there are more options.  As a mentioned in 7 Reasons to See a Chiropractor in Singapore.  I have nothing against anyone that has a desire to help others.  Medical doctors save lives every day, and we need more good Medical doctors more than ever.  There are a time and place for everything, and with conviction, I know from clinical experience, the need for skilled Chiropractors is as high if not higher than the need for skilled Medical doctors since there are less of us.

2. Tribalism

Identity in most if not all situations typically do not end well.  The more pride an individual has of their profession, race, religion, or an individual’s accomplishment, the more separation from others it creates.  A significant reason Singapore is a prosperous country is that people like Lee Kuan Yew identified that to run a prosperous country they had to implement strict laws regarding any situations where strong identity other than being Singaporean had to be enforced.  In the case of the Medical profession and Chiropractic profession tribalism is often exercised in the schools.  I recently had a medical student from NUS observe me over the course of two weeks.  I asked her how many times she has heard from school, “We are making medical breakthroughs.,” “We are on the cusp of discovering something amazing!”  In Chiropractic school we hear similar things which sound good, yet such strong emphasis has its repercussions.  I can understand structurally it’s nice to create positivity to make students excited but I believe the real reason is to offset the mental abuse they put students through with all the exams.  When it comes to these things, I lean on the side of showing and doing rather than saying.  I believe when Chiropractors or MDs that are saying those things, they are trying to convince themselves more than the students they are sharing that message to.  For the record, diseases are on the rise leading the public interested to find alternatives and Chiropractic can’t seem to get out of its way, human problems exist first rather than within separate groups or professions.  The tribalism in Chiropractic has divided us between the Medical profession along with the physiotherapist.  Naturally when individuals love what they do, it’s very easy to get tribal.  Tribalism leads to lack of self-awareness, inflated ego, inability to learn and bias.  When people love what they do they tend to disregard other things.  Doctors will inflate what they do and look down on other things, engineers may do the same thing, we definitely see that in religion which has caused many wars throughout history and the list can go on.
How many times do people overlook things when one of their own does something wrong?  On a more playful level I am a father of two, one boy, one girl, I think my kids are the cutest.  When I see a cute little girl then I think of my daughter and I am left saying in my head, “wow shes so cute but my daughter is cuter.”  Being aware of tribalism allows a person to keep themselves in check, stay humbled and centered so they can see a wider view point in life and most importantly, see their own faults along with those in their “tribe.”  By doing this we can be more tolerant of others that are different than us and most importantly see that they may not be that different.

3.  Packages

Chiropractors have been known to have big packages, especially in Singapore which can turn people off. Having large packages can give people in public some assumptions on whats in the heart of the Doctor they are seeing. For the record, we offer packages or care plans in our practice but at the same time allow individuals the freedom to try our services per visit. The care is usually based on their condition and their needs.  Some Chiropractors may want to give themselves a cushion to help individuals and some practitioners I know choose long-standing conservative care over adjusting the spine with vigor. The skill level and experience of a Chiropractor can make a difference in care as mentioned in, 10 Ways to Find The Right Chiropractor but even then there are several metrics involved in order for a person to get better from their suffering.

The Chiropractic Adjustment or Manipulation intends to restore normal function of a joint that has been abused for years to decades. That generally takes time because the operating system called the nervous system has established mechanical patterns along with soft tissue patterns (muscle memory). Not all Chiropractors get this and may often bash other Chiropractors having that approach, the people outside the profession may assume there is a lack of evidence that proves regular Chiropractic care is excellent. I am here to say as a practitioner, and I know with certainty that a Chiropractic adjustment dramatically improve the qaulity of living in individuals.

The central ideas that Chiropractic foundations are from the East which give people a way of living and an approach on how to solve problems in life. Personally, it’s empowered me to take responsibility beyond my own life and into a global macro scale. I have become a better father from Chiropractic, and most people whom can see the beauty inside themselves tend to enjoy Chiropractic. Chiropractic only brought out what I am, it didn’t make me. There is no mainstream or semi-mainstream profession out there in the world that has a central idea to develop the human being. Those that are against Eastern modalities like Yoga and Acupuncture need to understand what the intention is before the judge it. The knowledge of the West that brought medicine has saved countless lives, the experience of the East is meant to help a human being stay connected to who they are and take individual responsibility.  There is a place for both to exist and I see no conflict.

4. Contrarian Ideas

Historically Chiropractor’s have been counterculture and have a reputation for being rebellious to the establishment. A lot like when Elvis Presley was shaking his hips and parents thought it was the work of the devil. Chiropractors are hopeful structurally and entertain the infinite possibilities of how things can be. Chiropractors are the artist in our societies, and often artist challenge thought. Artist helps us look forward; politicians help society function, the artist gives people possibilities and imagination, scientists help find certainty in a confusing world. All functioning pieces in society allow us to prosper and there is not a job out there that we should see that is more important than the other. Once we start practicing tribalism, we start falling into a slope that will suppress the evolution of civilization. Since Chiropractor’s in nature challenge status quo and medical doctors are part of the status quo, it’s natural for some tension. The good news is, some medical doctors are challenging their profession. Such as Dr. Aseem Malhotra. I don’t believe that Chiropractors should spend too much time on other occupations problems, instead, show evidence from an opinion of a person qualified in that field, and as I said many times before, most people that become Doctors want to help people. Whether or not they question what they know is a different story. The more tribal someone becomes, the less likely they are willing to challenge things and evolve.

5. A World of Fear
There is fear at every corner of our human experience. All one has to do is turn on the news, read the newspaper, look at social media. Fear is an easy way to get attention. Chiropractic’s central idea is based on trusting life and developing a healthy relationship with life. To establish that relationship, a strong intention to remove fear needs to happen. Fear or precaution from a Medical Doctors standpoint is necessary because it can save someone’s life. We pay Doctors to save lives, and they do a great job doing it most of the time. From a developmental evolutionary standpoint it is incredibly difficult for someone to have trust in life and at the same time watch out for possible danger. It would be like to ask someone to act calm in the water next to a shark. Ideally being calm is the best course of action and if you were to do so, your survival dramatically improves but how many people can do such a thing? Chiropractic is that carefree brother that people tend to love more like the obnoxious successful brother they have in movies. The Chiropractic ideology can make a medical doctor feel infuriated, and they don’t know why most of the time other than they don’t like Chiropractors. (Most prejudice people don’t realize why they hate)

6. Relationship and rapport

To be successful, a Chiropractor needs to give people hope just like a personal trainer needs to provide their obese client with faith it can be reversed. This is when Medical Doctors believe Chiropractic work is strictly placebo because patients are generally enthusiastic about Chiropractic. A big reason people are enthused is, Chiropractors tend to spend more time with their patients than Medical Doctors do on average. We spend 20-30 minutes on clients; other Chiropractors may spend 5-20 minutes. The average medical doctor visit can range from 5-15 minutes, and the most significant difference is the type of interaction. A medical doctor usually does not ask personal history, but Chiropractors are supposed to since Chiropractic problems are more lifestyle based.  Most importantly human touch makes Chiropractic more personal. Chiropractors relationship with their clients or patients are more personal.